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Gateway Bulk SMS FTP

This technical guide is intended for developers who wish to use the txtNation Bulk SMS FTP API for sending Bulk SMS messages and describes the the methods for developers to do this.

The FTP API allows you to send SMS messages using an FTP client. You create a file containing the list of recipients and their phone numbers and submit it to our FTP server. From then, our server takes care of the delivery. The server is checked regularly to ensure delivery of messages. The FTP API is best suited for bulk SMS sending.

Getting Started

To use the Bulk SMS FTP API, you need to register at: http://cp.txtnation.com. When you sign up for a txtNation account, you will be given a username and password: keep these at hand.

The FTP Upload is intended for clients who can build up a text file, based on an existing database of recipients. A text file will be uploaded to txtNation's FTP site (http://ftp.txtnation.com). This method is suitable for a once-off high volume message dispatch. It can either be a single message to all recipients or multiple personalised messages to each recipient. The recommended batch size is 10,000 messages, with a maximum of 50,000 messages per file.

Using the FTP

It requires the use of two passwords. A product specific password is used to log onto the FTP server (obtained within online account), and your account password which is used within the text file. Both FTP and FTP over SSL is supported.


Have the following information ready in .CSV, text format)

User: xxxx
Password: xxxx
Account Name: xxxx
Ekey: xxxx
To: xxxxxxx (number you would like to send the message to in an international format e.g. 447813498035)
Text: Welcome to xyz (text message you would like to send)


Open your Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and type in your info in the address bar in the following sequence: http://ftp.txtnation.com


Copy and upload your text file into this folder. Your Bulk SMS messages will be sent when txtNation flags that you have uploaded your messages.

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