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This page contains a more detailed explanation of the various parts of the plugin that can be configured to make it work for your site. Please take the time to read this page in full before making any changes to your live site.

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WKEY Value

In this section you need to cut and paste the "wkey" value that was created for you after you completed the JunglePay Wizard generation sequence. This value is what uniquely identifies your site to our servers and allows us to enable safe secure web-payments for your site. All you have to do is enter the value into this box to replace the "Your WKEY value" text which is placed there by default after the plugin is initially activated.

JunglePay Wizard Payment Notification

This section of the page is giving you a value that you must enter into "Step 7: Post URL" on campaign creation wizard. This is the location of a script that comes as part of the WordPress plugin and is what receives the messages from the JunglePay server when people enter the keyword and password into the web page form. All you need to do is log-in your JunglePay Wizard account, cut and paste the test shown in bold into the "Step 7: Post URL", save it and log out.

Security Scramble Mask

Unless you have some very very special reason to do so, you should leave this value set at the default value, which is chosen randomly when the plugin is activated. You should not change this value unless you have consulted with txtNation first. Doing so could compromise the security of the traffic between your site and our servers.

This value is used to "scramble" any information relating to the active user WordPress account such that the username and any information we may choose to send as part of the transaction is not sent in "Plain-text" but is sent in an encoded form. Remember that anybody can download the JunglePay plugin and examine the code to see how it works but what they cannot know is your personal site specific scramble code.

  • Warning! Once you have set a value for this field you should never ever change it unless you are willing to effectively throw away any history of transactions that you already have. Why? This value is used to generate a unique value that represents a WordPress user and a transaction. This value is used to tell the JunglePay server about the transaction in progress and to tell your server then the transaction (payment) has been confirmed.

By changing this value any users that have already purchased content will find that they are no longer credited with that purchase as the next time that they try to access restricted content the check aginst their account will fail because this value has changed.

So unless you have planned for this and are ready with extra customer support it is best to not change this value ever.

Plugin Replacement Marker

So that you can precisely control where the JunglePay plugin appears in your post entries and static pages, the plugin will look for the presence of a "marker" in the text and should it find that marker it will replace it with the relevant code that will cause the JunglePay panel to appear.

In order to ensure that a value that we choose does not cause problems for your site, you have the ability to tell the plugin what text is to be used to cause the plugin to appear on the content. The default value is #JUNGLEPAY# which should be good enough for most sites but if for some reason that causes problems then you can change it to some other value here and then use that value in your posts and pages instead.

JunglePay Transaction Lifetime

Depending upon the nature of the content that you are selling you may want to specify that any purchased content is only valid for a specific number of days. The default value is 30 days but you can change this to be whatever you like. If you want your users to have a lifetime (never expiring) membership then leave this value blank. This means that a user only has to make a single purchase to be considered a "JunglePay member" of your site.

Restricted Text Content

For full details on how to see what content is restricted and how to apply those restrictions to your own content read the Restricting JunglePay Content page.

The plugin provides the ability to restrict certain pages and posts to those users that have made purchases. What we call a "non-JunglePay member" will be able to see the titles of such pages and posts but any attempts to view the contents will be blocked. Instead non-members will see the contents of this "restricted content" box instead.

This box can contain HTML code so it could how pretty much anything but we recommend that you place short message and a link to another page on your site that explains why they are seeing this content and outlines the benefits of becoming a member etc.

Plugin Appearance

Finally, depending upon how your site is styled and layed out, you may find it necessary to adjust the overall width and height of the JunglePay control as it appears on your site. The width and height values shown here are used to control the "IFRAME" control that shows the control. The values are in pixels.

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