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txtNation Wiki for all APIs

This Wiki helps clients of txtNation (and of our JunglePay and mFUSION products) to set up, optimise and troubleshoot their billing and messaging services. Our Wiki is the place where we house the technical documentation for our APIs and other technical services. Let us know if you have any problems not answered in this Wiki by logging a support ticket or contacting us through our contact page.

For live and commercial implementation of our APIs please register an account with txtNation.


Getting Started

Product and Services Websites

  • txtNation Gateway. Our Mobile Billing and Messaging Gateway.
  • JunglePay. Mobile Payments and more. For your web site, mobile site or app.
  • mFUSION. Set-up Mobile Campaigns. Mobile Marketing made easy.

txtNation Gateway APIs

Our Mobile Billing and Messaging Gateway for Enterprise.

Mobile Billing

MSISDN Forwarding (WAP Billing, Mobile Web)

Direct Operator Billing

UK - Payforit - WAP (Mobile Web), Web Billing

Sweden - WyWallet - Direct Operator Billing

Norway - Strex - Direct Operator Billing

Denmark - 4T - Direct Operator Billing

Turkey - Turkcell Ă–deme - Direct Operator Billing

South Africa - Direct Operator Billing - OBS

Finland - Direct Operator Billing - Mobiilimaksu

Swisscom - Easypay - Direct Operator Billing

Russia - MPayments - Direct Operator Billing

Premium Phone - IVR Billing

Mobile Messaging

Bulk SMS


Non Premium; Long Codes, Virtual SIM

HLR Number Lookup

USSD Messaging

txtNation SMSC APIs Wholesale

SMSC, High throughput Bulk SMS Messaging for Wholesale SMS.

Mobile Messaging SMPP -> SMPP

Mobile Messaging HTTP -> SMPP


JunglePay Technical

Mobile Payments and more. For your web site, mobile site or app.

Web and Mobile Web

JunglePay WordPress Plug-in

mFUSION Technical

Set-up Mobile Campaigns. Mobile Marketing made easy.

Find txtNation APIs and libraries on
GitHub | ProgrammableWeb | APIHub | Developer Garden

Legacy and Archives
Discontinued API Information is hosted here for record keeping, referencing and archiving.

USA - Direct Operator Billing (Beta)

In-App Payments

Payforit 5.1 - In-App Billing

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